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Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

Aesthetic medicine

Not so long ago those in the world of medical aesthetics mainly specialised in correcting “wrinkles” by making use of fillers and botulinum toxin and almost always using plastic surgery to deal with slack skin. Today the priority is to restore the face’s youthful curves and volumes and therefore to treat bone resorption, fat loss and prolapsed fat compartments. Watery eyes are filled, cheekbones are made more pronounced, eyebrows are lifted by repairing temples and the area above the eye socket, etc. We look more at the face in its totality and take all aspects of skin and facial aging into account. A precise analysis of the entire face makes it possible to draw up an individual treatment plan. The patient’s specific wishes are, of course, also taken into account.

Not only new insights but also the development of new products and lasers and the evolution of injection techniques (including the use of cannulas) have made an aesthetic revolution possible. Patients desire treatments that are effective but low risk and result in as little downtime as possible. All this also requires highly competent doctors who specialise specifically in aesthetic medicine and constantly take refresher courses.

It is important to know that in order to obtain the best result, a combination of various treatments is usually chosen to rejuvenate the face rather than one single technique. An example: a 50-year-old patient has an obvious frown wrinkle, which is preferably treated with using botulinum toxin (dynamic wrinkle), her jawline has sagged and jowls are developing, which can be lifted by means of a mini facelift or by using collagen-stimulating products, and her upper lip wrinkles are treated using an injection of hyaluronic acid or possibly using a fractional CO² laser.

In addition to facial treatments, the possibilities for the rest of the body also continue to expand. Neck, décolletage, hands, slackened skin on arms, stomach, etc. can also be rejuvenated now.

Providing the patient with the appropriate support is essential in order to ensure clarity regarding the wide range of treatments available and helps guarantee progressive rejuvenation without using artificial effects. The patient then receives compliments on how fresh and radiant he/she looks and no comments on what treatment he/she has had done.

Lifestyle advice and recommendations regarding diet, care and cosmetics are also an important part of today’s total approach.


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