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Permanent make-up


Permanent make-up, micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, aesthetic tattooing or dermatography is a refined tattoo/pigmentation technique that involves implantation of high quality, mineral-based pigments under the epidermis. The treatment is carried out in extremely hygienic and safe conditions using professional equipment and single-use, sterile needles. The purpose of permanent make-up is to aesthetically improve the patient’s appearance and so boost their well-being.

The intended result is natural and long-term. If you are looking for aesthetic improvement, physical correction or a solution for a specific physical problem on your face or body, permanent make-up can be the appropriate solution.   

When is permanent make-up worthwhile?

  • You want to look better so that you feel better
  • You want a natural appearance, day after day
  • You are looking for waterproof make-up, not make-up that runs when you enjoy wellness
  • It is difficult to apply make-up correctly due to disability or sight problems 
  • You do not have the artistic ability to apply your make-up correctly 
  • You must always be made-up and well presented for professional reasons 


Permanent eyeliner:

Your eyes are optically enlarged using fine permanent eyeliner above and/or below them 

Eyelash intensification:

  • You want to subtly accentuate your eyelashes
  • Also ideal for men
  • You have blonde, few or no eyelashes


Hairstroke microblading:

Microblading is a new form of permanent make-up whereby tattooing occurs with a hand tool and not with a machine. New hairs are pigmented using ultrafine strokes in order to create an extremely realistic eyebrow.  Beautiful and very natural!

The hair stroke technique is recommended in the case of:

  • You have plucked your eyebrows too much and hardly have any eyebrows any more
  • You have localized or total hair loss 
  • You have thin or irregular hair growth in your eyebrows 
  • You have asymmetric eyebrows or they are too light
  • You wish to camouflage a scar in your eyebrows
  • You wish to correct badly applied permanent make-up
  • Redrawing eyebrows due to their unaesthetic shape 


A natural lip line or full lips:

A colour accent on your mouth

  • Your redrawn lip line defines your natural mouth 
  • A shadow effect whereby the lip line blends into the mouth
  • Full lips, completing the natural lip colour
  • Camouflages irregularities such as epidermis pigment, hypopigmentation 
  • Enlarges upper and/or lower lip
  • Full lips, colouring the whole mouth

Medical tattooing - camouflage - micropigmentation

Scar camouflage is a rewarding application for, among others:

  • Patients who have had a breast reconstruction, which is corrected and completed with a symmetrically located nipple and areola complex 
  • Patients with surgical scars following a lift, breast enhancement, breast reduction, etc.
  • Camouflaging injuries and things like an accidental scar following a trauma such as burns and a cleft lip 
  • Camouflaging skin complaints such as vitiligo and hypopigmentation

Does it hurt?

The experience of pain varies from person to person. The treatment is not pain free but an effective and legal anaesthetic is used so that you experience little or no pain.  


Local sensitivity, swelling, stinging and/or redness can be experienced after treatment but a cold compress applied at home can calm this down. A healing salve is recommended. For the best possible result you should not pick the scabs and follow the written aftercare instructions carefully. 

You can resume your professional activities the same day. 

How long does the result last?

In general, the result should last for a minimum of 2 years, depending on various factors. The most important of these are the sun, sun bed, medication and changes to the body.  

A preliminary consultation is always recommended.  

Our specialist in permanent make-up is also a court-appointed expert in permanent make-up, medical tattoos and scar camouflage.




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