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Da Vinci Clinic
Kempenlaan 36
B-2340 Beerse
T +32 14 61 06 13
F +32 14 61 06 14

Da Vinci Clinic meets the requirements of the BSPC.
Free WiFi access is available for patients.
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Belgian Society for Private Clinics

Since 7 November Da Vinci Clinic is certified member of the BSPC.

The Belgian Society for Private Clinics guarantees that those “players” who introduce themselves as “clinic” meet the safety and hygiene standards as dictated by the BSPC. Only those who invest in training, quality, safety and infrastructure are the name “clinic” worthy.

In cooperation with experts the BSPC has created “the BSPC safety mark”. This safety mark contains the most essential criteria in which a clinic has to qualify. The term “private clinic” can only be associated with positive experiences if we claim severe criteria. Patients will understand that investing in their safety justifies the demanded rates. 

 The Belgian Society for Private Clinics will never stop promoting quality healthcare in a safe environment cause safety is a basic right!


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